Dublin Zoo & Pheonix Park


Dublin Zoo was opened in 1831 by the then Royal Zoological Society of Ireland, which had been founded the previous year. The animals were supplied by its counterpart in the UK, London Zoo. Like other Zoo's of this time, Dublin Zoo was nothing like it is today. Its purpose was to show as many different kinds of animals as possible to people who had never seen anything like it. There's a world of animals and a heap of surprises waiting for you at Dublin Zoo. Come in and spot giraffe and zebra on the Plains of Africa and catch a glimpse of our growing herd of Asian elephants in the Rainforest - and don't worry you can go all round the world and still be home in time for tea. There are tigers, hippos, bats, lions, rare monkeys, gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees and red pandas to name but a few of the amazing animals you'll find waiting for you around every corner. There's something for everyone at Dublin Zoo. Look out for keeper talks and animal feeding times. Wander through our spectacular grounds and enjoy the colours of the seasons. Dublin Zoo's team of expert horticulturalists take great care to ensure that our animals feel at home - at the same time making our visitors feel they have entered another world.

Phoenix Park, Dublin 8, Dublin, Ireland

T: + 353 1 474 8900 | F: +353 1 677 1660 | E: info@dublinzoo.ie

Admission Prices & Opening Times vary, please visit Dublin Zoo website.

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